June 29, 2021

Dear ATA Member:
ATA Litigation Center’s Trucking Legal Forum, which will be held on July 25-28, at The Madison hotel in Washington, DC, is a must-attend event and we encourage you and/or members of your team to join your trucking colleagues and shape the direction our industry takes on all things legal.
As ATA and its federation of state associations lead the fight against lawsuit abuse across the country, I can’t think of a more fitting place to gather than our Nation’s Capital. This educational event is an opportunity to arm yourself with the latest information about the legal threats facing our industry, as well as effective tactics to defend against them.
We must be unified and dedicated to successfully push back against such a formidable foe as the plaintiff's bar, and have the most up to date information possible to do so. This year’s Forum will focus on, among other topics, fair and prompt resolution of accident claims, medical financing schemes, cyber security and data privacy, labor and employment law developments, and combating staged accidents.
The Trucking Legal Forum is an opportunity for you to hear from their perspective on these important issues. The Forum is a collaborative resource for trucking executives to maximize the quality of their legal decisions, engage with top-notch legal professionals serving the industry, and learn how to enhance the industry’s objectives. Your engagement and input is the foundation of our efforts to educate and best represent your interests to the administration, Congress, and communities across America. Additionally, the Forum is an easy way to help fulfill any state bar CLE requirements.

I look forward to seeing you at the ATA Litigation Center’s 2021 Trucking Legal Forum. Please note the housing deadline is this Friday, July 2nd.