Joseph Newsome
Corporate Risk Manager, 10 Roads Express

Joseph A. Newsom, C.D.S is the Corporate Risk Manager for 10 Roads Express of Carter Lake, Iowa.  Mr. Newsom was previously the Corporate Risk Director for Salmon Companies from 1998 until 10 Roads Express acquired Salmon July 1, 2019.  10 Roads Express is the largest ground transportation supplier to the United States Postal Service and transports mail in almost every state in the contiguous United States. 
Mr. Newsom represents 10 Roads Express in litigation and mediations.  He oversees the management of catastrophic vehicle accidents from the time of the notification until the resolution.  He represents 10 Roads Express in Rule 30[b](6) notices and responds to plaintiff requests for production of documentation.
Prior to joining Salmon Companies, Mr. Newsom was employed in the law enforcement field for thirteen years, as well as serving as a fireman and emergency medical technician.  Additionally, he also served in the United States Army Military Police for 6 years.  Mr. Newsom holds several criminal justice certifications as well as numerous certifications in safety.