James Overton
Accident Reconstruction Expert, Bloomberg Consulting

James Overton is a consulting expert with over 22 years of experience in traffic crash investigation, reconstruction and analysis, and fleet safety compliance.  Mr. Overton specializes in commercial vehicle crashes and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.  He has considerable experience downloading and analyzing leading-edge digital forensics data from tractor-trailer and automobile electronic data recorders (ECM, EDR, SDM, ACM, CDR, black boxes, etc.), video event data recorders (DriveCam, SmartDrive, etc.), heavy truck telematics systems (Qualcomm, PeopleNet, etc.), Garmin and other personal GPS based devices, ABS systems (Bendix, Wabco, etc.), vehicle infotainment systems and telematics devices among numerous other devices. Mr. Overton is a Berla Certified Vehicle System Forensic Examiner and a Certified Vehicle System Forensic Technician. Mr. Overton has extensive experience inspecting and documenting the condition of braking systems on tractor-trailers and heavy trucks in order to determine their existing braking capability and apply that to the specifics of a particular collision