Heather Hughes
Vice President, Stroz Friedberg Digital Forensics & Incident Response

Heather Hughes, J.D. is a Vice President for Stroz Friedberg’s Houston office where she leads a wide variety of engagements, including data breach, ransomware and other incident response matters, complex digital forensics investigations, proactive security risk assessments, and cyber due diligence investigations.  Heather has over 25 years’ experience in privacy and data security and since joining Stroz Friedberg in 2018, she has led and managed some of the firm's most complex incident response engagements, including the largest healthcare ransomware event in U.S. history which was perpetrated by threat actors during the COVID pandemic.  Heather has also managed the ransomware response engagements involving large trucking companies, the shutdown of operations of a national food supplier, manufacturing plants and several energy producers.

She regularly works with outside counsel to assist clients with regulatory inquiries as a result of the theft of data by organized cyber criminals.  Heather also works closely with cyber insurance brokers to assist clients in obtaining cybersecurity maturity.